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European Multimodal

Samskip Multimodal offers transport solutions for various industries by sea, rail, road and barge to all European destinations; from Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Baltic States, Russia and Central Asia.

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Samskip unveils multimodal carbon calculator

In line with its Sustainability strategy, Samskip has unveiled an online CO2 carbon footprint calculator.

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Successful Samskip events

Last month Samskip and Samskip Logistics have attended four very successful events:

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Samskip Animation - Automotive!

At Samskip, our goal is to assist shippers in reducing the lead times in their supply chain. Take the manufacturing of trucks for example...

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Operating Equipment


Different routes, cargo and regulations demand specialised and high quality equipment. Samskip Multimodal owns a wide range of containers, vessels, trucks and trailers and is always able to offer the right equipment for your cargo.

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Industry Cases

Industry cases

We focus on operational excellence and are proud to share some of our success stories.

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Global warming is one of the greatest environmental challenges of this century. Carbon emissions, the main contributor, are increasingly the focus of attention.

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