Industry cases

We focus on operational excellence and are proud to share some of our success stories.


CHEP, Heinz and Samskip join forces

Beginning of 2014, CHEP, Heinz and Samskip have reached a supply chain cooperation agreement that will maximise equipment utilisation and achieve joint objectives on efficient and sustainable transport.

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Samskip supports customers in major shift from road to "the blue road"

At the beginning of 2012 our customers Heinz, Mars and Bavaria started a dialogue with the Inland Waterways Promotion Centre with a view to shifting their supply chain by transporting cargo to the Port of Rotterdam via ‘the blue road', the Lean and Green barge project. It meant that 15,000 truck transports would be converted from roads to the inland waterway network.

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European just-in-time deliveries for construction sites

Samskip's Steel and Construction department handles steel beams, timber and stone slabs – all normal cargo used to construct buildings and other structures throughout Europe.  In this instance our client All About Bricks was asked to supply 80,000 bricks required for a new college in Alloa, Scotland.

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The Polish connection

pol-flagSamskip Van Dieren Multimodal explains the reasons behind developing the Polish connection.

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SCA Transforest and Samskip extend cooperation

SCA Transforest and Samskip have extended their long-standing cooperation on transport services to and from Helsingborg, eastern and central Europe by jointly offering customers container transport between Rotterdam, Stockholm, northern Sweden and Dublin.

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