Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal

Daughter company Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal offers environmentally friendly and sustainable rail transport solutions.

We operate high frequency rail shuttle services from our own Duisburg terminal in Germany connecting with Sweden and Denmark in the north and Italy and Turkey in the south.

Intermodal door-to-door solutions

Our experienced staff monitors your cargo from loading to unloading, organising the complete road and rail planning process, this allows you to follow your cargo through the entire transport chain.

A complete door-to-door, just-in-time service is available for customers via a single point of contact; offering optimised loading and unloading efficiency and the possibility to pre-plan.

Using rail transport as the main transport mode is:  

  • less vulnerable to fluctuating fuel prices
  • less vulnerable to driving hour restrictions
  • less vulnerable to traffic jams and German Maut

Multimodal network

Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal (SVDM) has been offering high frequency rail services between Scandinavia and continental Europe since 2003, having introduced the first through operation on the routes in 2008. Today,
SVDM operates 46 high frequency rail shuttles per week to Scandinavia.

We are committed to cost-effectiveness, operational excellence and best practice in sustainable transport.

High frequency services connect destinations across Europe, both door-to-door (including collection) and terminal-to-terminal, transported using a wide range of (mega) trailers, containers, trucks, and owned trains. In
all cases shippers can make real choices based on frequency of service, transit times, freight rates and sustainability.

Specialised equipment

Samskip offers a wide range of modern equipment to suit the specific needs of your cargo. The fleet includes 45ft high cube pallet-wide containers, curtainsided containers and 13.6m standard, coil and and mega Huckepack trailers. In addition, reefers, swap body containers, flatracks, and Joloda trailers are available.

Duisburg rail terminal

We operate its own terminal in Duisburg. All our rail shuttles are handled via this terminal. The 140,000 sqm facility is equipped with nine tracks, each 720 metres in length, while two operational gantry cranes have been installed in 2014.

With modern ICT solutions and high-tech gate functionalities, this new terminal meets the highest modern standards. Click here for the Duisburg rail terminal safety guidelines.

Door-Door Services

Our door-to-door services integrate collection, shipment and delivery into a seamless transport solution. Our dedicated staff ensures that the cargo is delivered while the customers has a single contact for the entire transport chain.

Terminal-Terminal Services

Our terminal-to-terminal services allow customers to access SVDM's rail network using their own equipment. Tank, bulk and trailer operators benefit from the fixed, high frequency service schedules.